2021-2022 WASA Award Winners

2021-2022 WASA Award Winners
Posted on 06/01/2022
Heidi Dawson, Dan Chaplik, Brandi Varnell

Sultan School District Families and Community Members: 

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our WASA Award Nominees and Winners Heidi Dawson, for Community Leadership and Brandi Varnell, for Student Leadership. 

Superintendent Chaplik nominated Heidi Dawson as a Community Leader for her work with the Community Facility Advisory Committee and the Sky Valley Citizens for Schools. Superintendent Chaplik wrote, "Mrs. Heidi Dawson is a leader in our Sky Valley Community and we are so thankful for her positive contributions each day. She has been a committed member of our Community Facility Advisory Committee as we develop short, medium, and long-term plans for our facilities. She helps improve the sense of community by participating as a vocal member of Sky Valley Citizens for Schools and constantly reinforces the need for community involvement in our schools and students’ lives. Thank you, Heidi, for your support and collaboration. Our students, staff, schools, and communities are better because of your involvement."

Superintendent Chaplik nominated Brandi Varnell as a Student Leader for her work as a Sultan High School Teacher and Sports Medicine and HOSA Leader. Superintendent Chaplik wrote, "Mrs. Brandi Varnell is one of our amazing CTE Teachers at Sultan High School. Brandi, a registered nurse, became Sultan High School’s CTE Sports Medicine Teacher in 2014 and has inspired countless students to enter health services programs after graduation. Brandi’s love of teaching is well known locally but she was also recognized as the National Rural Teacher of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year. It is clear each day in her classroom that she helps students realize their potential as she challenges them to grow their skills and confidence in themselves, as evidenced by multiple State HOSA wins!"

Congratulations Heidi and Brandi and thank you for your leadership in our communities and schools!

WASA Award Winners Brandi Varnell and Heidi Dawson