1.18.22 Testing Update and New Guidance

1.18.22 Testing Update and New Guidance
Posted on 01/19/2022
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Sultan School District Families: 

We received updated, interim guidance from the Snohomish Health District this afternoon. We are still waiting for Department of Health clarifications and we will update you if that clarification is different than what was provided by the Snohomish Health District. 

Note: With the updated guidance now allowing asymptomatic close contacts to remain at school under the Test to Stay program, we will need to further limit Covid-19 testing at our PMG testing site. Starting tomorrow (1/19/22), we will only provid Covid-19 testing to students and staff members so that we can ensure that each student needing a test to stay at school is able to receive one. Students and staff members should be prepared to show their student or staff ID or student number at the test site. Please be patient at the test site as PMG is also experiencing illnesses and staffing shortages. Our priority is safely keeping students learning in person with their teachers and peers and this decision was not made lightly; we appreciate your understanding.  

If you or your extended family members are in need of testing, then the Snohomish Health District will be opening a new testing site soon, visit the Snohomish Health District for more information.

01/18/2022 Interim Guidance
 At home tests will be allowed for students and staff for isolation purposes if the Covid test is positive. If the student or staff member tests positive and would like to have their results lab-confirmed to allow a bypass of required close-contact quarantine (within 90 days of positive test date) then they may get a confirmatory rapid or PCR test an approved, official testing agency. At-home negative test results must be confirmed with a lab resulted test from a monitored, professionally administered test if needed for return or for test-to-stay purposes.

Tested positive 
      o Test day is day 0 (modify if symptomatic, at nurse's discretion), isolate for 5 days, through 5th day, return day 6 if: 
              Symptoms are significantly improved (90% improved) or Dr’s note explains lingering symptoms or non-related illness
              No fever/fever reducing medication
              Student must continue to wear a mask through the 10th day from the case start date, including masking in athletic practices and in athletic competitions.
o Optional: Student may re-test on day 5 prior to return on day 6. If student chooses to re-test, and tests positive on day 5, they are now quarantined through day 10 and may return day 11 (from original positive test date). 
              At-home positive test results allowed.
              At-home negative tests not allowed for return, must be lab-confirmed test (PMG, SSD Nursing Staff, Health Clinics, Pharmacies, Clinicians, Nurse Lynne Kelly)

School Close Contact 
      o Fully vaccinated for Covid-19: no need to quarantine or test to stay, watch for symptoms.
      o Unvaccinated for Covid-19: Test-to-Stay through 5th day after exposure or quarantine for 10 days.

*Home Exposure Close Contact, symptomatic (unvaccinated) 
      o Presumed Covid-19 Positive: home exposure + 1 or more class A or 2 or more class b symptoms.
      o Treat as positive (see above), test first few days, no obligation to continue testing.
      o If testing, a PCR test is recommended if student is symptomatic and antigen test is negative. 
              Need lab-confirmed positive test results to allow students to bypass quarantine within 90 days of positive test.
              No test = no quarantine bypass within 90 days.

*Home Exposure Close Contact, asymptomatic (pending DOH definition) 
      o Unvaccinated for Covid-19: Test-to-Stay may begin immediately after exposure to the initial case. Student (close contact) is able to continue a modified quarantine as long as they participate in the Test-to-Stay program and fulfill testing requirements until all isolation and quarantine periods have been met. If another family member tests positive in the home then the Test-to-Stay program will restart the count. Your student’s school nurse will provide the testing timeline. Students must test twice per week for the duration of isolation and quarantine timelines as directed by your student’s school nurse.
      o Fully vaccinated for Covid-19: watch for symptoms
Ill, with no known exposure 
      o If no note from Dr explaining alternative diagnosis: 
              NO Covid-19 Test: Student is quarantined for 5 days or more pending symptom(s) severity. Symptoms must be resolved (90% improved) to return.
              YES Covid-19 Tested (lab-confirmed): student can return once symptoms have resolved (90% improved). Nurse to provide optimal test date for student. 
              Lab-confirmed Covid-19 test: PMG, SSD Nurses, Lynne Kelly, Health Clinic (verified), or other official agency. No at-home results will be accepted.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the changing guidelines. We understand that changing guidance can be frustrating and we appreciate your partnership to keep students learning in person.