11.10.21 Lockdown at GBE

11.10.21 Lockdown at GBE
Posted on 11/10/2021

Dear Gold Bar Families, 

During our dismissal time today, there was police activity in the area that resulted in a full lockdown of students, staff, and adjacent families. With police support, staff escorted students who were in the mist of our dismissal routine back into the building until the surrounding area was deemed secure. 

Lockdown drills can be emotionally stressful for students. Knowing this was not a drill, was especially impactful to some. I encourage you to please take a moment to talk with your child about today’s events.  If you have questions regarding the police activity you are encouraged to reach out to our school resource officer Deputy Lynch via text at 425-244-0735.  Mr. Monson and I will be available to speak with students on Friday. If you feel your child would benefit from talking through this event with either of us, please reach out and let us know. 


Heather Anderson
Principal, Gold Bar Elementary School