Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE)


Career and Technical Education is an innovator and leader in education in Washington that offers courses of study to ensure students explore, compete, and succeed as lifelong learners in the world of work. 


Education and workforce leaders partner to engage students and prepare them for life success through multiple career pathways that are relevant to student interests and responsive to the needs of employers and the economy.

Why CTE?

  • Through CTE courses students can explore pathways and prepare for post-secondary programs offered by technical, community or four-year colleges.
  • Through Career and Technical Education, you can explore career opportunities and learn how core school subjects like math, science and writing are used in real-life by the courses we offer.
  • A sequence of courses can provide students with entry-level employment skills for internships, apprenticeships and preparation for industry certification.
  • In many Career and Technical Education courses you can earn tuition-free college credits as well as high school credits required for graduation.
  • Through many clubs associated with the Career and Technical Education courses you can become leaders by participating in skills competitions and community service which opens more scholarship opportunities.

Whether you plan to go to work straight out of high school or eventually earn a PhD, whether you have a clear career goal or just want to learn something practical and new, you can benefit from CTE.

 For more information, contact our CTE Director, Karissa Kelley, at SHS. 360-793-9860