Student Laptops

2018 Technology Levy Presents...

student on laptopThrough support of our community, the Sultan School District was able to purchase 1-1 student laptops in 2020.    These laptops are touch screen and sturdily built to withstand four years worth of use.  Students will receive a laptop in 5th and 9th grade to use at school and home for the next four years.  Students in kindergarten through fourth grade will also have access to improved devices within the classroom.  As a department, we strive to continue to support students' learning and provide them equitable access to the tools needed in the 21st century.  


SES/GBE 5th Grade -- Early February 2021

SMS 6-8th Grade -- Late Feb / Early March 2021

SHS 9-11th Grade-- tbd

SVA/SP3/SVO 5-11th Grade--tbd

If you have a laptop checked out, we ask that you bring it to class on your assigned day to swap out. Stay tuned for a letter from your teacher/school with more information about your group. 

You can always call our Tech Hotline at (360)793-9891 for support with the online forms.

Thank you for your partnership and support as we roll out our new laptops!

Online Forms

We ask all families to either opt in or out of our Annual Laptop Protection Plan.  Please complete this through PowerSchool.

  1. Go to (not the app)
  2. Select your child you are completing the form for at the top left
  3. Click “Forms” on the left navigation menu.
  4. Find and click “Laptop Protection Plan 2020-21” to open the form.
  5. Read, review and select opt in or opt out. 
  6. Click “Submit” at the bottom right.
  7. If you opted in, cash or check can be turned into the front office.